10 Exciting Ways to Enjoy a Family Lake Vacation

Summer vacations and Christmas holidays are definitely two most-awaited seasons every year for families. These are the times when everyone gets to bond and be free from school and work. Among many of the destinations and activities, spending quality time by the lake is one of the most exciting. Here are ways to enjoy the lake escapade with the family:

Play Frisbee

Look for a wide area at the lakeside where you can freely run to and fro. Divide the family members into to two teams. Make sure that you brought the right kind of frisbee disc. The goal of the game is definitely simple. Each team simply needs to run and toss the disc to their teammate with the aim of getting through the opponent’s zone. The opponent in return tries their best to block the disc from reaching their base and steal it. Scoring depends on the number of times a team passes through their opponent’s area.


Before leaving the house, prepare your picnic blanket, food, drinks, game materials, and other tools which are necessary for the activity. Once you have reached your destination, scout for a location where you get a breathtaking view of the lake. That is a perfect spot to set your picnic blanket. Take out your food and drinks and enjoy the serenity the view offers. You can also read books and listen to calming music.


Surely you don’t want to leave the place without taking some photos and uploading them to our social media accounts. There are awesome spots at the lake which you definitely would not want to miss. As they say, “Kill nothing but time. Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Keep nothing but memories.”


One of the fun things to do to make time pass is to barbecue. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can go for rentals. Have the food marinated beforehand so that it will taste perfect once it is thoroughly cooked. You can chit-chat with your loved ones while doing so as well. That’s one good way to bond. Plus, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned family BBQ?!


Since you are already by the water, why not explore it? Go with your fishing rods and baits. Kids love to do this. This activity tests your patience, but it’s really worth the wait once you’ve got your catch.

Jet skiing

Jet skiing surely is fun, especially for kids. Kids should have adults to ride with them for safety and wear safety vests at all time. Enjoy the splash of water as you drive. The rush of adrenaline is quite refreshing and exciting.

Floating trampoline

Floating trampoline is so much fun. You can ride on it, use it for diving into the water, and jump on it with friends. Just be careful where you place it to avoid accidents. The adults will love this device, just as much as the kids. It’s a great floatation toy!


One way to relax and refresh is to be in the water. Swimming gives a lot of health benefits. It helps improve your heart rate and lungs, builds your endurance, burns fats, and be free from stress.


Canoeing is one way to enjoy the water. While this is considered a sport, this can also simply be a family activity. Paddling without thinking about time is soothing and calming. It’s a great way to get the family to unwind a bit, specially after more active activities.


When the night comes, camping is the best way to spend it. Put up your family tent, set a bonfire, play the guitar, sing songs, barbecue hot dogs, and share stories.

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